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This is where you can find the anthologies that we're currently working on. 

If any of these appeal to you and you have a story for them, feel free to send them our way! 

Our email is splatterinkpublishing@yahoo.com

We look forward to reading your stories! 




Do you love Extreme Horror?

Is a great compelling story with extreme violence, gore, and content your cup of bloody tea?

If you answered yes, then strap in, because we have the anthology for you!


Splatter Ink Publishing presents No Anesthetic, a no-boundaries anthology compiled especially for extreme-horror-loving readers! We have gathered unique extreme horror stories from some of the best names in the genre. The stories in this book will twist your stomach up and make your brain squirm.


Hop aboard a school bus with a sociopathic teen. Find out what a frazzled wife is to do when her husband gets puking drunk at a dinner party. Venture into the jungles of Africa, where death and carnage await. Join a young couple for a night at the movies, where there are worse horrors than those on the screen.


These and more stories await you. But reader beware, you are in for some graphic, grisly, and gory stuff!



The Hunger of Old Stars is a cosmic horror anthology that is looking for YOUR Eldritch tales of terror! S.I.P. will be looking for Cosmic Horror Stories for their upcoming anthology ‘The Hunger of Old Stars’. In this anthology, we want tales of eldritch horrors that will drive our readers to lunacy!

We are paying $25 per story and we are looking for stories that are around 3,000 – 10,000 words long. Also, NO REPRINTS… Also, no, it does not need to be strictly Lovecraftian to be considered for this anthology!

So, we here at S.I.P. hope you will consider sending us your cosmic horror stories! We cannot wait to see what you all bring to the table!

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Sasquatch. Chubacabra. Jersey Devil.

All these creatures are deemed by Cryptozoologists as things that may exist out in the wild, but are dismissed by mainstream media science. Scientists will say it's all just pseudoscience. Mumbo-jumbo, if you will. They will even go as far as to say it's all just claims based on fairytales, that there really is no actual scientific research to back up cryptozoology's assertion that these creatures exist. 

But what if mainstream science is wrong. What if these creatures are out there, lurking in the darkest reaches of our planet. 

Prepare yourselves for Cryptid Carnage!

We want your stories of Cryptids attacking people that either are innocently targeted, seemingly in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a story with people who are much deserving of their blood-soaked fate.

We will accept any horror story that has to do with cryptids, but we do ask if you please base it off a creature that is considered by scientists as a cryptid. You can create your own cryptid, but we are leaning towards stories about crytpids that, to cryptozoologists, are considered real, such as the Sasquatch or the Chupacabara.

So, whether your story is about Melonheads that terrorize campers deep in the woods, or it’s the Loch Ness monster munching on a yellow coated sailor, we want your cryptid stories!

Stories from 2,000 to 10,000 words are accepted. We also ask for no reprints. We will hold the rights to your story for one year, then after that it will be Non-Exclusive rights after that. Simultaneous Submissions are fine, as long as you tell us it is a Simultaneous Submission beforehand, and of course you let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere. The payout for your story in this anthology is set at $25. The deadline for this anthology is on April 1st, so you have some time to write those amazing cryptid stories. We cannot wait to see what you all come up with!