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This is where you can find the anthologies that we're currently working on. 

If any of these appeal to you and you have a story for them, feel free to send them our way! 

Our email is

We look forward to reading your stories! 

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No Lives Left

Subject – Video Game Horror

Word Count – 5,000 minimum, 7,500 maximum

Submission Date – December 1st marks the opening, April 1st marks the deadline

Payment $30 and a Contributors Copy

Author Copies available upon request

What we are looking for?

What we want to see are stories related to gaming experiences. These can range, and we want you to open that mind and show us the horror of what could happen when you maybe play a game too long. Maybe the VR set fuses to your mind, with your body. Haunted arcades; mysterious systems; game developers inserting something diabolical into their programs. Think about the worlds from your favorite games and twist these into your own nightmarish arenas where pixelated blood flows. Gaming peripherals that control more than games. Get creative and reduce our minds to embers. Gore is welcomed; drench the stories in all shades of blood.

Send your stories to with the subject title ‘No Lives Left Story Submission’ and then the title of your story. Make sure to apply an author bio if you have one, and attach a story synopsis to your submission email. Also, you can use video games as references by italicizing them, but do not infringe on a video game’s rights. For instance; You can write a story about an Italian plumber that eats shrooms and fights a turtle dragon, but as soon as you call him Mario, you’re infringing on that video game’s rights. We are excited to see what you come up with and we cannot wait to read your Video Games themed horror stories.

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